Founded in 1948 by Mr Etsuro Nakamichi, Nakamichi has delivered top-quality audio products that incorporates sound, style and substance for more than half a decade. These cherished traditions – of intense curiosity, a love for music and a commitment to uncompromised quality and performance – are behind the products that bears the Nakamichi name

Nakamichi takes pride in a tradition of quality and innovation in electronics and acoustics. Nakamichi today, traces its origin to a small research institute founded in 1948. Back then the company was a source of research for major brands, government bodies, universities and the private industry. Consumer products manufactured then were open-reel tape recorders for popular brands.

The Nakamichi brand in a product was first launched as a cassette deck, the ‘Nakamichi 1000’, designed to deliver reel-to-reel quality sound, a product that quickly established itself as a standard that top-of- the-line cassette decks were set to follow in design and performance, creating history ever since.

Over the years, relentless research and development at Nakamichi contributed to innovations such as the compact disc and other similar optical memory systems, which paved the way to an entire range of high-end electronic products. This characteristic further strengthened the brand’s reputation as an innovator in quality and performance.

The underlying traditions of intense curiosity and the immense love for music are cherished in Nakamichi’s uncompromising commitment to quality and performance. Nakamichi and its graphic logo are the synonymous symbols of that expression.