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Ai Sound Enhancement

Hear amazing clarity and deep, clean bass.


Ai Listening Guardian

Realize what's too loud for you and improve your listening habits.

Advanced Noise Cancelling

Block out all distractions and immerse in your music.

Comparing against industry's best wireless over-ear headphones


It's like having the best sound engineer refine your music in real time.


The AI logic is engineered to deliver smooth, clear and dynamic sound that works well with all genres.

It actively examines and aggregates your music's frequencies, volume levels and timbre (tone quality) of instruments used in your music, before determining how to enhance your sound by adding more clarity, depth and spaciousness.


The AI then channels the unconstrained and balanced sound to
2 revolutionary speaker drivers.

These new generation speaker drivers are completely re-designed from the core. Within the drivers, the magnetic field confinement of the voice coil has been enhanced for accurate reproduction of sound.

edge dual configuration next generation drivers

Comparing against traditional speakers, our drivers have shown:
1. Superior sound accuracy
2. Up to 3x less total harmonic distortion (THD)


It's like having  a guardian angel protect your hearing.


Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a growing problem affecting millions of lives.

While you're listening, EDGE's AI logic tracks the harmful volume levels that enter your ears and the amount of time they are exposed. When EDGE senses a high alert for the effects of noise-induced hearing loss, it will administer a prompt reminder or return you to a safe volume level.


Hearing Loss Facts

43 milllion

Source: World Health Organization, Dangerous Decibels


It's like only hearing the good things in life.


Using 4 reactive noise-sensing microphones, EDGE actively harmonizes your surroundings by blocking out 95% of unwanted noise, setting you up with pure music enjoyment.



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Nakamichi EDGE

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