A New Chapter in The History of Soundbars:
Industry First's 7-Channel Discrete Soundbar with
Dual Subwoofers

The Shockwafe Elite 7.2 DTS:X is every home entertainment enthusiast’s dream. It is the ideal home theater solution for those who desires simplicity, yet still expect uncompromising performance. This instant high-end solution is engineered to handle not only the most demanding action scenes, but also to reproduce every detail of quiet passages. A unity of power and precision, it is a reference quality system that can effortlessly create a truly realistic theater experience in your living room. 


7.2 Channels

DTS:X Object Based Dolby Audio

Dual 8" Wireless Subwoofers

-Two 3S Rear Speakers
-Front Effects Tweeters

Up to
800 Watts


7.2 Channels



Next Generation Object-Based Audio



Signature Dual 8" Wireless Subwoofers



-Four Modular 3S Rear Speakers
-Front Effects Tweeters



Up to 1000 Watts 110dB


Object-Based Surround with DTS:X

DTS:X is the next-generation surround technology that can deliver individual sounds anywhere in your room and move them around in a 3D space. With older formats, sounds only move front to rear and left to right, but not up and down like DTS:X. DTS has also developed DTS Neural X to Upmix 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 content to add height and width sound dimensions. DTS:X.


Quad-Core Advanced DSP Processing

The embedded top end Cirrus Logic Quad-Core DSP chipset has been designed to handle the most demanding surround soundtracks. This advanced multi-core DSP chipset is capable of executing over 1 billion computational operations per second, delivering your favorite content with unprecedented speed, detailed precision, and lifelike clarity.  


Surround front Effects Tweeters

The two exclusive surround effects tweeters located at both ends of the soundbar enhance clarity and acoustic resonance of your living room by reflecting sound from walls, ceiling, and floor.   Immersive sound details will be directed at everyone in the room so realistic, your friends may start referring to your home as "The Movie House".


A Clean 10 on the BASS Richter Scale

Experts agree: Having two wireless subwoofers is an essential upgrade to any home theater. Don't just hear the sonic boom but feel it with a pair of wireless subwoofers that merge to create a sweet spot with no boundary. Unleash concert or cinema level volumes without a trace of distortion. Get adrenaline pumping bass effects at all listening levels, even at low volumes.

Cinema approach: Zero subwoofer localization

Cinemas utilize many subwoofers to reproduce powerful movie bass effects that often push subwoofer limits. At home, it is impossible to create the cinema experience with only a single subwoofer, which results in localizable bass and a detectable sweet spot. In contrast, dual subwoofers deliver smooth, balanced bass across the entire space, making everyone feel right in the center of the action.


Soundbar Reference Standard for Bass

Our signature dual subwoofer configuration stands alone as the soundbar reference standard for bass. Featuring 8" drivers with massive motor magnets, our subwoofers effortlessly fill the room with extreme kinetic energy at any listening level. An entirely new dimension of bass performance, a dimension so satisfying that listening to a single subwoofer will forever become an act of compromise.


Two-way 3s rear Speakers

Be enveloped by lifelike, spacious and dynamic surround sound with our all-new rear speakers. The newly-added tweeter reproduces high frequencies with captivating clarity, adding never-heard-before details to your surround sound and perfecting the immersiveness that we all desire. The full-range driver delivers a clean, rich soundstage with articulate bass that blends in seamlessly with the tweeter. A proprietary cinephile-grade crossover ensures precise driver integration for unmatched surround sound accuracy.

Advanced connectivity

Shockwafe Ultra supports the latest video standards including HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC), 4K Ultra HD pass through, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and HDCP 2.2, connect up to 6 devices to this dream command center of your home theater via 1 HDMI ARC, 3 HDMI, 1 Optical and 1 Coaxial inputs. Enjoy stunning video quality with incredible contrast, brightness, and vivid colors, just like the way directors intended.


Bluetooth with aptX