Amazing Sound, Easy Setup, Great Product 7.2.4Ch 800W Soundbar with Dual 8" Subs

I wanted a simple set up and out-of-the-box package deal, but I wanted quality sound and extra thump. This package seemed to fit everything that I wanted from that list. I had a reasonably cheap receiver and box set speakers which I replaced with the 7.2.4 system from Nakamichi. I am very pleased with this system. The subwoofers make my house shake when there are deep lows, the highs are crisp, and the surround sound is immersive. The setup was exceedingly simple, and the manufacturer emailed me just before the package arrived with a "VIP" instruction set. It made setup quite simple.

I have played a lot of ps4 through this soundbar. I like shooters. The explosions and gunfire sounds absolutely stunning through this system. It is customizable as well, so you can make the sound what you want. The fist preset is probably the best, but the clear voice is fantastic if I want to listen to a show while I am cooking in the other room or something. The volume is substantial. I do not think I will need a new sound system for a long, long time. This system is honestly quite advanced from the remainder of my equipment, so I foresee the ability to keep this while upgrading the console and television around it.

Amazing purchase. I hope it lasts a long, long time!