Shockwafe Plus 5.2


The Most Significant Upgrade to Your Home Theater.


Listening to a single subwoofer will forever become an act of compromise. Having TWO of them is the single most significant improvement you can make to a home theater. Inspired by Nakamichi's 70-year heritage of innovative thinking, the idea of Plus 5.2 was to take bass performance to unprecedented heights. What we did was to go against convention, adding a second subwoofer and overcoming every single technical challenge along the way. Now, you can really feel the bass. 


Dual Subs: Like Nothing You've Experienced Before.

TWO Subwoofers are a must-have addition to any high performance home theater system. The perfectly balanced bass and expanded spaciousness eliminate bass localization effects and maximize listening sweet spots for all listeners in the room, adding intensity and depth to your multi-channel surround experience. Draw more impact out of your entertainment with ground-shaking bass frequencies as deep as 30Hz for an immensely pleasurable home theater experience.


Life-like Surround

Inside-out, the Plus 5.2 was engineered to bring wideness, clarity and dynamism to your surround experience.


Surround effects tweeters

Two exclusive Surround Effects tweeters enhance clarity and acoustic wideness, producing the most realistic and immersive sound stage to your home theater environment.

Unprecedented Surround Realism

Surround Effects tweeters unlock next level surround performance by reflecting sound off walls, ceiling and floor. Radiating life-like sound directly to the audience.

exceptional audio engineering

Distinguished premium construction featuring 5 individually sealed sound chambers to achieve a discrete audio configuration for each channel, dramatically expanding the immersiveness of your favorite movies and music.


Room-Filling Sound. Unstoppable Power.

Don't only listen to sound. Feel it too.
Wake all your neighbors up with 105dB of flawless sound, delivered by 10 precisely-tuned speaker drivers. Have your soul completely rattled by 2 wireless subwoofers.