A true home theater system

I started off with a Sony HTN5 with 2 satellite speakers to match my 65" Sony 930d- system with discounts came out to ~750$. Even at full power to each speaker, surround mode, sub maxed out, etc. There was absolutely no comparison to the nakamichi system. This is by far the best surround sound, best base, best balanced system for the size and price, available on the market. I was blown away. Sat on the couch for an hour just to cherish the beauty of theater quality sound at home. Was definitely skeptical at first and to be completely honest, the nakamichi lags way behind in terms of user interface/control, nevertheless its sound quality is astonishing, and that is afterall the point of the home audio system. A perfect compliment to any home entertainment system. I should also mention that this is my first review, and I wrote it solely because I am so overwhelmingly happy with this set up. Give it a shot, compare it to any system they have as a "display", side to side, whether in person or on paper, there is absolutely no competition for this thing . You won't regret it.