Best sound surround system under $1000 bar none!!

I had bought a Polk soundbar with the wireless subwoofer and 2 satellite surround system right before I bought the Nakamichi 7.1 system, I was going to return the Nakamichi system. The Nakamichi system had a bigger soundbar, subwoofer and satellites that I just had to have it installed. The difference was like day and night, the Nakamichi system just blew the Polk system out of the water in every aspect. The Nakamichi was only about $60 more during Black Friday sales so it was an easy call as to which system to return, so I'm in the process of returning the Polk system.

I didn't give the Nakamichi system 5 stars on durability because I've only had it up and running for 5 days and I've read a few negative ratings on this system not holding up. This system brings so much more to tv shows, movies and my Spotify music that I'm watching some of my favorites like Dexter and Breaking Bad just for the sound effects and music, it's like great!! I found out that if you want to get the best picture and sound quality, for those that have Smart 4K T.V.s, you need to call Netflix to upgrade your programming to there 4K package, it's only a couple of bucks more per month but it's worth it. Hope this helps you out in making your decision to upgrade your sound and picture quality system.