Compact Soundbar Packs a Punch!

I did exhaustive research on high-end soundbars prior to purchasing. I was looking for a high-end, high-quality, and highly-rated 7.1 soundbar that was less than $1,000. Looking around Amazon, I came upon Nakamichi. I followed-up with a lot of 'googling,' video reviews and other research, finally pulling the trigger on the 7.1X system with DTS-X capability. Overall, the system is GREAT. It's not the prettiest when comparing to other soundbar options, but this is a small price to pay for the exceptional sound quality. The bass is UNBELIEVABLE. My wife was watching Harry Potter (movie 2) last night an I had no idea how much thunder and crashing took place in that film. The bass is by far my favorite part. The remote is okay and can be ineffective if not pointed right as the system, but you can easily bypass this by using the ARC HDMI input and control the volume through your TV. I love this feature, only need ONE HDMI going to the TV, instead of one for each input. Also - Nakamichi does throw out firmware updates, with the next one coming in Q2 2019 with the addition of Dolby Atmos - really looking forward to that! Definitely recommend the system, no regrets.