Great Entry Level Surround

Purchased this for my parents who were previously using a Vizio SB4551-D5 in a very large and open living room. We were very underwhelmed with the Vizio (very strange considering I’ve always had great success with their other TVs/soundbars). Looked into getting a mid range Atmos soundbar but wasn’t interested in any systems with simulated rear channels: I wanted actual speakers. The reviews for this sold me on it but I didn’t wanna spring for the dual sub system. Trust me: one is plenty for a fairly large living area unless you’re a real bass fiend. After updating the firmware to the latest version on Nakamichi’s site, everything sounded amazing straight out of the box. Haven’t tried any Atmos content yet as it’s late but Our Planet 5.1 in Netflix sounded absolutely incredible. Voice is clear, environmental sound is perfectly placed and balanced. I’ll update once I have the chance to hear some object based audio content (Atmos, DTS X) but right now I’m very satisfied with my purchase.