Impressive! Big sound in a small package.

I just spent the past couple hours testing out different media. Music. Movies. This system is set up in a large 20x20 room and it fills the room with very very easy on the rare, filling, crisp sound across the spectrum. You must set it properly for music or movies as well as set the device output to the sound bar correctly but if you do you will be impressed. I’ve had multi thousand dollar systems with all the bells and whistles but this is all one really needs even in a large space. It is “low profile” so not so obtrusive taking up heaps of space. It delivers excellent sound and even when listening toward the higher volume settings (84 works perfect for movies and 90 for music) it maintains clarity without any distortion. The sub, even in my 400 square foot open living space, delivers excellent base that is not overwhelming yet it can be felt. I haven’t even hooked up the surround speakers yet so will do an update when that is done but so far this thing is just bringing me smiles. Especially at this price: Bose or sonos does not compare even at higher prices. This system puts out the spectrum of highs mids and lows very similar to my Definitive Technology full surround system that I’ve used in the past. But it’s simpler and less expensive. Very very happy with this one.