Over the top!

I have put in a tremendous amount of time researching soundbars and like a lot of us have very little experience on the techie tweaking of the whole makeup of a soundbar. I lean on reviews and try to sift through the "paid responses" in order to find an item that is cost effective as well as excellent quality for the money I'm spending. I have never heard of Nakamichi Shockwafe before my researching began. We had narrowed our choices down to three soundbars. The other two being name brands we all have heard of. But, I kept coming back to the reviews of the Nakamichi repeatedly re-reading the comments from others and their experiences. We chose the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1Ch DTS:X 600W 45-Inch Sound Bar with 8" Subwoofer and the payoff in sound quality is unbelievable!!! You can tell from the packaging through to the set up that this product had a great deal of thought behind it in the design as well as the feel and touch of how it was manufactured. After we had everything set up we choose a movie to play that would enhance the sound effects and sat back and waited....There were times when my wife and I kept looking at each other in total amazement and the only words we kept repeating was, WOW! With the grins on our faces, it felt like we were at an amusement park on a ride of our lives. It was a great purchase, the research we did paid off, and we are completely satisfied beyond belief.