Simply Outstanding!

Initially, it seemed tough to choose which soundbar would be best for the money. One friend liked his Sonos Beam and another liked their Sonos Playbar and while I'm sure those are great, the thought to spend an additional $700 just for a matching subwoofer did not make sense. I've had an old school Polk tower speaker setup with massive center channel and front surround speakers with a 10" sub for years. In addition, I've had a Denon receiver and while the sound was always good, I just felt it could be better plus I wanted a smaller footprint.

After much research, I landed on the Nakamichi Pro 7.1 DTS: X and holy smokes, I'm glad I did. If you think you don't need a sub, I would say you don't know what you are missing. I would not consider myself an audiofile and yet am keen to how things sounds more than most people I know. My wife is not at all and we both agree, this thing sounds amazing. The soundbar is so crisp and the clear, I do not have any problems understanding dialogue. One of the issues I faced in my old system was dialogue might be good if you are directly in front of the speakers but if you were off to the side, you definitely would lose on quality, causing me to increase volume. With the Nakamichi, it is not a problem. I experience the same volume levels regardless of whether I'm on the side or directly in front.

The sub is outstanding. It adds such warmth and when content is played in Dolby or DTS. I get the feeling I'm not getting any more or less of bass than the video requires me to experience.

As for setup, I found the system very easy to setup. From syncing the bass to the soundbar to connecting the surrounds. Because I had rear mounted speakers about 8 ft high, I used my existing wiring with some RCA adapters to connect the rear speakers to the sub. Per Nakamichi recommendation, I did not connect the soundbar to my old Denon receiver, I just let it figure out how to play the sound and it does so good. I find the remote to be very simple to use. Easily increase/decrease volumes of all speakers. I like I can determine if the audio playing is PCM or Dolby. On this point, you can really tell a difference. So much so I found it worth understanding where I can get the best sound: i.e. Roku or TV smart apps. I have a Sony Bravia XBR so I play Netflix and Prime Video through the TV since they pass Dolby to the playbar whereas my Roku Streaming Stick will not for those apps despite following Netflix/Sony recommendations. YouTubeTV only plays PCM audio at the moment but hope that changes.

As for customer service, these guys are incredibly responsive. First, their documentation is super clear. The firmware update, super easy and they walk you through it. I've had a couple of questions and they've responded to me within an hour or two at best. In addition, they've just called me to discuss the question if they felt it warranted...who does that these days?

Aside from them winning multiple awards last year, I recommend you trying this soundbar system if you have $650 to spend and like me, you will not regret it!