Stellar Sound System!

I purchased this product for a small home theater room in my house. The sound quality is absolutely stellar without being invasive in equipment size. I've had several sound bar systems from Amazon, including those from Klipsch, Bose, even a Sonos. I've sold all of those and replaced it with this Nakamichi system. The quality of the sound from the ATMOS and its other updated technologies cannot be overstated. Great system.

The second outstanding feature of this product is the customer service. I was having some minor issues with bluetooth connectivity, so I contacted Nakamichi customer service. Not only didn't they respond within half a day, the president himself responded. He had one of his engineers help me with the connectivity issue. Of all the thousands of products and hundreds of companies I dealt with on Amazon, this is one of five companies that had this level of customer service.

1) Fantastic sound quality.
2) Great build quality.
3) Reliable.
4) Superior customer service.
5) Unobtrusive.
6) Sounds quality vs. Price = excellent.
7) Improved remote control over previous version.

1) Intermittent ARC connection issues.
2) Intitial delay in sound when starting movies on Amazon and Netflix, processing lag.
3) Firmware update requires technical knowledge and is not plug n play.