Tower Speakers: Upgrading Demo Unit to Sales Unit

Remove the plastic cover by removing the 4 screws. Replace the screws onto the tower speakers thereafter.

1.  Download the firmware. You should download a zip file named: Tower Speakers_Selling unit_FW

2.  Unzip the file and retreive firmware document named - dvdrom.bin.

3. Load a USB drive onto your computer. 

4. Open up file manager > Right click and select USB drive

5. Select format > Make sure the file system is "FAT32"

6.  Upload the file dvdrom.bin into the USB drive. 

7.  Power off the tower speaker

8.  Insert the USB drive at the back of the tower speaker

9.  Power on the tower speaker.

10.  Switch to USB mode by repeatedly pressing the SOURCE button on the tower speaker.

10.  Press VOL "+" 1 time. The panel will display "UPG".

11.  Upgrading in progress.

12. When the panel displays "-" followed by "U25", firmware upgrade is complete!